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Online Sword Training

Welcome to the Him Soo Do Gum Do sword training program.

It is an honour and privilege having you as part of our group of students and in turn our family.

During your time training with us you will be able to learn the fundamental skills in the HSD Gum Do syllabus. You will also have the opportunity to join our training camps and gatherings and tournaments throughout your membership.

The Cost of the training is R400 pm / $20 pm which give you access to the following:

  • A weekly training video delivered directly to your inbox,
  • A second weekly email of training exercises for fitness, strength, speed etc,
  • Direct communication with your Instructor via email, being part of the training whats app group, and via direct calls.

Every 3 months there will be a belt level grading , which will be detailed and will either be a live Video grading, or pre-recorded or even group training at a yearly training camp.

I trust you will enjoy your training with us and encourage others to join along with you by registering with us and internationally.

Now is your time to take the first step to becoming a stronger, disciplined, hard working, focused member of the Him Soo Do Association. Sign up below to start your membership today.

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